Star Gym - Aleq Manukyan 9, Yerevan OWNER Sako Kouroumlian,Nayri Dikranian Aleppo,Syria
  • +374 10 501030, +374 10223637, +374 11210020
  • Armenian, Arabian,English
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For years, Star Gym has provided a healthy way of life to the Armenian public. Originally founded in 2010, it was reopened and renovated by Sako Kouroumlian and Nayri Dikranian. The main gym location is at Aram 70, and the newer gym is located at Alek Manukyan 9. The staff are highly qualified specialists who arrange custom meal plans to their clients and give special attention to each customer’s health and physical preparedness. Star Gym’s goal is to create an atmosphere that motivates its customers, taking into account their wishes and preferences. Star Gym is not only a gym, but also a way of life. At Star Gym, they believe that overcoming physical pain will heal your soul and cause you to become vigorous and full of life.