Vago Optic - Sasuntsi Davit-Artsakh 6 OWNER Apig Kodjoghlanian
  • +374 55 077 179
  • Armenian and Arabic
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You have to put on those lovely optical glasses, but are confused as to where to find the best quality. You want to  look stylish and modern but you don’t know where to go for those specs. Well, we recommend Vago Optic, whose owner Apig Khodjoghlanian  has quite a bit of experience in the optical field, especially as he used to work as an optician in Aleppo. However as a consequence of the war in Syria, Apig resettled his family in Armenia as of May 2015. Around 25 days later, he established a smaller version of his former business at the Sasuntsi Davit - Artsakh 6str junction in Yerevan. The young entrepreneur promises you will be completely satisfied with your choice, as Vago Optic will surely be able to take care of your needs.