Clothing Store
Mosini - 62 Hanrapetutyan St N1, Yerevan OWNER Moses Halajian Aleppo, Syria
  • (010) 545434 - |(010) 540499
  • Armenian, Arabic and English
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Moses Halajian came to Armenia from Syria about four years ago. Movses and his family have worked in the tricotage business for thirty years.  They make tricotage for men, women and children in casual and sport styles. The Halajian’s store in Yerevan is called Mosini, and Armenian employees make up its staff. Before opening the store, Moses prepared for the Armenian market through research and experiments. They bring raw materials from Syria that they are able to export through coastal cities despite the tense situation there. The Halajian family and business are important due to their contribution to the production of Armenian clothing rather than imported products from Turkey.