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Mate Argento LLC - Sayat Nova 40/1, Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Edmond Simonian Argentina
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Edmond Simonian was born in Armenia but spent 19 years of his life in Argentina before moving back to Armenia in October 2013. Though he began his education in law, he finished with marketing in Buenos Aires before delving into the world of business. Here in Armenia, he imports matte teas, well-loved in the Middle East as well as South America, grown in the northern regions of Argentina. It is so popular in some places that people walk around with it in their hands instead of the average coffee seen in North America or Europe. The mate tea business in Armenia began in October 2015, where Edmond began introducing the delectable drink to restaurants and cafes, giving the local population a taste of Argentina. As the culture begins to develop and take shape, it has begun being paired with hookah as well, garnering the support of the Syrian-Armenian population who understand the health benefits to the heart, digestion and memory, among other things. You can find it available to buy at places like Kantata, Tea Art, Haleb, etc.