Like Bar & Cafe - Teryan 25 St. Yerevan OWNER Hagop Markarian, Kevork Mourdian Aleppo, Syria
  • 093 695 550
  • Armenian
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Hagop Markarian has lived in Armenia for four years. Before establishing restaurants in Yerevan, he ran a business in Damascus and also worked in marketing and hotel management. After his cafe in Syria was taken by the opposing party, he decided to flee Syria and move to Armenia. He started off with a small cafe in Yervand Kochar and then decided to continue pursue marketing. Kevork Mouradian and Markarian founded and opened Like Cafe in April 2015. The cafe offers one of the most affordable and best quality hookahs in Yerevan, along with exquisite food and drink. The cafe offers a delightful atmosphere along with a touch of Western French delicacy. The success of Like Cafe led to Markarian opening a new restaurant called Mandaloun with the help of Hovsep Kasparian. Like Cafe and Mandaloun are very different, as the latter provides Eastern food and an Oriental atmosphere. Both businesses have taken off rapidly, and Markarian aspires to accomplish more and more success.