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The origin of Koor wine by Highland Cellars began in 2014 when a group of friends decided to climb Mount Ararat. Koor, an Armenian wine, has absorbed the centuries-old traditions of Armenian wine production and its creators’  love for this land. Made exclusively from the Armenian grape varieties as a tribute to the Armenian heritage, Koor embodies both the ancient secrets and the latest technologies of wine making. Koor wine can make a worthy contribution to the recognition of Armenia as an ancient wine making country. To achieve these goals, Highland Cellars cooperates with the Vineyards of Armenia union of wine producers founded in 2015. The name Koor is a tribute to Armenian riverboat craftsmanship and wine merchantry. The illustration on the label shows a scene from Herodotus’ book Histories (Chapter 194). Armenian merchants used to travel from Armenia to Babylon down the Euphrates River in boats made of wood and animal hide with casks of palm-wood filled with wine. According to Histories, these boats were called Kur or Koor. The distributor of Highland Cellars LLC in Armenia is Artexim LLC, a company with rich experience in marketing, promotion and sales of wine products in Armenia and abroad. Koor wines is distributed in Russia by NWC LLC and there are plans to expand Koor’s reach in Europe, Canada and the United States.