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Hydraulic Hoses - Arshagunyats, Korvetka 4 OWNER Raffi Kouyoumjian Aleppo, Syria
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  • Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, English
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Father of two, Raffi Kouyoumjian has settled in Armenia after the war in Syria became more intense. Raffi chose Armenia because it is the closest country to Syria and also, his fatherland. He has worked in the hydraulic hose business since 1994 and has now opened his own shop in Yerevan to continue his work here. His grandfather found refugee in Syria, after being abandoned near the Euphrates River during the Armenian Genocide. Nearly one century later, he has returned with his family. Raffi's main goal is to survive, feed and live in Armenia. He doesn't think he will return to Syria, since his kids have lived some crucial years of their life in Armenia. He misses Syria's churches, schools, weddings, celebrations. Raffi said, ''Even if I speak until tomorrow, I will not be able to find the right words to describe what Syria means to us.'' Kouyoumjian also added that local Armenians have been nice to them. He believes that if both Syrian-Armenians and local Armenians can compromise on having better communication, they can build stronger relationships and have a bright future. Raffi adds that Armenia has a big advantage. It is one of the only countries with over 90% of its population being one nation. If communication improves, there will be no problems.