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Horizon Of Expectation - H.Hakobyan 4/32, Yerevan OWNER Jaquelin Babakhani Tehran, Iran
  • (010) 271420, (077) 783715, (+374) 783715
  • Armenian
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Jacqueline Babakhani moved to Armenia from Tehran in September 2008. After her first visit to Armenia in May 2008, she returned to Tehran and told her husband about her decision to go back and settle here. Jacqueline left her job as an English instructor at different cities in Iran, and full of hope and purpose, she moved to Armenia. She rented a space and founded the Horizon of Expectations, a language training center. Initially Jacqueline was the only English teacher, but thanks to her efforts and a great reputation, student enrollment rose to 140. Now, the center offers instruction in English as well as Russian, German, Persian and other languages by experienced professionals. Jacqualine also recently expanded Horizon of Expectations to a second location.