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Hashtag Sport - Yeznik Koghbatsi 20/3 OWNER Aram Belekhian
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  • Armenian, Arabic , English and Russian
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Aram Belekhian is the owner of #Sport, the sportswear shop designed and managed by Aram and his family. Having settled in Yerevan since June 2012, from the beginning of the war in Syria, the young entrepreneur makes it clear that the plans to relocate to the homeland existed from the beginning. When Aram was in Syria, he worked in a designing company established by UAE in Aleppo,  as a printing designer specialist. Then he started to help his father and brother in exporting sportswear, as well as printing designs in their own factory until he moved to Yerevan. At the beginning, he worked with an Armenian factory as a patterns and shapes designer for clothes to become familiar with the Armenian market. Thus how he got his experience. He has since decided to open his shop, especially with the coming of his family to Armenia, and currently operates on a smaller scale than in Syria with the  #Sport brand, offering stylish and comfortable sportswear to suit any active lifestyle. .