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Haleb - Kasyan 3/4, Yerevan OWNER Aline Sarian Aleppo, Syria
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  • Armenian
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Aline Sarian and her husband came to Armenia from Syria in 1997. Aline was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. “I learned a lot about Syrian culture, spices, plants, soaps, and oils from my work experience there. I know that I have a lot of knowledge about such things. I decided to open my own shop when I realized that certain spices weren’t available here.”  In the beginning, these spices were strange for Armenians’ taste, but Aline was confident that everything needs time and patience . ''My husband and I endured only by believing.” Now, many spices are from Lebanon due to the tense situation in Syria. Still, the shop’s connection to the Armenian people is undeniable. ''The shop isn’t named after the city we came from or due to the fact that the spices are from here. The reason is that Aleppo was the first Armenian colony after the Genocide. It was like the mother colony and it was the nation that helped us a lot and protected us during that time. It's like way of showing gratitude for what they did for our nation and also a way for history to be remembered.”Aline is very attentive for the certificates of spices which will show that it doesn't have any disease and etc, and only in that case in Haleb shop spices can be offered.