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Hagop Shahinian - Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Hagop Shahinian Aleppo, Syria
  • +374 77 10 99 50
  • Armenian, Arabic and English
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Hagop Shahinian is the designer of the best  fashion show  this season. It was his first exhibition organized in Armenia. After graduating from Aleppo's faculty of fine & applied arts as an interior architecture.  He had great talent since childhood and decided on his career at a young age. As the top student of his class, he was asked to design the studio of the Syrian television channel. Along with studying at university, he worked for a Syrian brand as a men’s clothing designer for 2.5 years. Hagop now wants to do something useful for his motherland and for Syria. Armenia and Syria are equal as motherlands to him, and Hagop wants to remind others that Syria is not just a war zone. It is also a place where art is still alive and people are still creating. The war became his inspiration for this spring fashion collection. Hagop used strong sketches of war along with romantic details to outline the women’s clothing. He wanted to make clothes for women that would make them feel free, comfortable, confident and high-spirited. He received great support from his sister Shaghig Shahinian. Hagop is influenced by the prominent designer Versace as well as the works of a range of talented Armenians living in Lebanon.