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Niery Grace Bardakjian was born in the US. Her parents were born in Syria and Lebanon, and her grandparents came from Marash, Zeytun, and Erzurum in Western Armenia. Niery Grace's parents had an auto body shop in the US, but the family came to Armenia as missionaries when an opportunity arose with a company needing employees to go abroad for work. With great joy,  Niery Grace’s father chose to come to Armenia in 1991. At first, it was difficult feeling like foreigners in a new country. Niery Grace graduated from music school and conservatory. She now teaches English at the American University of Armenia, Yerevan State University, Armenian State University of Economics and the Armenian Teachers Training University. She also has an office for her online work. She teaches her students general English, TOEFL, Business English, medical English and oral speech. Her focus and priority is on global oral translation. For prospective repats, Niery Grace says that it's only difficult here if you're unwilling to work; if you're diligent and have work to do, returning to Armenia is more than possible.