GN Rest House - Sevan OWNER Hayk Mikaylenyan Aleppo, Syria
  • +374 94 77 38 19
  • Armenian
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Hayk Mikayleyan started his hotel business in Dilijan one year ago. The GN hotel is part hotel and part campsite! The hotel rooms are very comfortable and new, each with a two-room apartment structure, separate guest room, separate bedrooms, a full bathroom and a kitchen. GN hotel staff are flexible with clients’ questions and needs, and it is a safe and comfortable space for different age groups and families. Mikayleyan also has beach property in Sevan with 14 cottages that also go by the name of GN. The clear shore and coastal location are very enjoyable. At the Sevan location, GN organizes different events, entertaining games and beautiful beach parties. Mikayleyan advises prospective business-owners to find successful individuals within one’s intended field to ask for advice and guidance before starting a business.