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Game World - Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Levon Ghazelian,Kevork Ghazelian,Bedros Yousoufian Aleppo,Syria
  • +374 93817186
  • Armenian, Arabian,English
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Game World Entertainment Center is located at 53 Yeznik Koghbatsi St. in Yerevan. The founders, Levon Ghazelian, Kevork Ghazelian and Bedros Yousoufian, came to Armenia in 2013 and decided to start their own business. Since then, they have become chiefs in the entertainment industry. They care about the comfort of the customers and aim to provide a warm atmosphere. Game World has four halls equipped with several Playstation 4 stations and comfortable armchairs. There is also a standard computer lab, a table tennis room and a cafe that serves delicious Haleb dishes. Game World is open 24 hours a day!