Harout - Paronyan 20 OWNER Harout Tokatelian ,Zarmine Minassian Aleppo,Syria
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For those in Aleppo who wanted to enjoy a special occasion, whether lunch or dinner, “Harout” was the name they asked for. He was the one known to prepare the most delicious nuggets, chicken wings, ichli keofta, and every type of food you can ask for. He was not only in Aleppo either, operating from Kessab as well, where all the restaurants made a point to serve Harout’s catering in their kitchens.Harout and Zarmine Tokatelian moved from Aleppo, Syria to Yerevan in December 2012. They were originally just tourists and wished to return in order to continue their business; unfortunately, when the situation began in Syria and the airport of Aleppo closed down, they were forced to postpone their return, finally coming to terms with the war and its ramifications before deciding to open their business here in Yerevan. Their little shop is now located on Paronyan 20 and serves both the local populace and their loyal customers from back in Syria who has certainly missed their cooking. Starting over was very hard, particularly with the uncertainty that was the beginning of it all, as well as the unfamiliarity with the market. Now, they are happy that their client base includes locals as well as Syrian-Armenians who knew of and loved their catering services from years back. For their future, they plan on establishing a similar system where they work with restaurants from all over Armenia and cook for private parties throughout the capital, just as they used to do in Syria.