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Evolution Studios - Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Tatevik Saydayan and Maria Khachatryan Los Angeles, USA
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Tatevik Saydayan and Maria Khachatryan are Armenian-American textile designers, enthusiastic artists with a penchant for the field. They started working in the industry about 10 to 12 years ago and have been enjoying their work ever since. They knew that there are many talented artists in Armenia and loved the country they were born in. In 2013, they started “Evolution Studios” in order to re-engage Armenian artists into the textile world, employing them in their home country and exporting their work to the United States. However, as one can imagine, difficulties emerged due to the distance, and that became an opportunity for the two friends to move to Yerevan; this was something they had always planned to do.During the start of 2016, they began working with a company in the heart of textile design –Italy, while they are completely open to work with anyone if they are presented with the opportunity.Their job is to create the idea and artwork but they are not involved in the printing and production. One particular opportunity they see here is the bringing of textile printing to Armenia, something that does not yet exist, forcing the country to rely on imports for fabrics instead.