Leather Production
Endless Leather - Tumanyan 9/59, Yerevan OWNER Vazrik Azizian Iran
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  • Armenian
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Vazrik Azizyan and his family moved to Armenia from Iran in 2012. Since his family had been in the leather production business for about 30 years, Vazrik worked in the family shop. When they first moved to Armenia, he worked for someone else’s leather production shop and later decided to start his own given his experience. He opened his business called Endless Leather, with most of the leather originating from Italy. He makes bags for men and women, shoes and specialized orders depending on a client’s preferences. Vazrik also does leather repair. He explains, “We know that you have to wait and be patient to reach success here. Many people want to know if we came to Armenia for our country or for business. It’s obvious that our business was better in Iran, so we truly came for our country. In the beginning, we didn’t see what we expected, but to return to your homeland you should be prepared for challenges and to overcome them.”