The Butcher Hagop - Byuzant 7 OWNER Hagop Erdekian Aleppo, Syria
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  • Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, English, Russian
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Since the 1940s, the original ''The Butcher Hagop'' has earned the trust and respect of the Armenian community in Aleppo, Syria. Like most Armenians living abroad, Hagop Erdekian's great grandparents fled to Syria during the Armenian Genocide. His grandfather founded the business and named after him, Hagop is running it now. When I asked Hagop why they chose to move to Armenia after the war started in Syria, he answered with a smile, "It's my motherland.'' Hagop does not plan on returning to Syria, as long as business is good. However, every fresh start has its challenges. Hagop says it has been difficult adapting to their new environment. Hagop wishes to build relationships with its customers in order to make themselves feel more like at home.