Avedis Aposhian - Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Avedis Aposhian Aleppo, Syria
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  • Armenian, Arabic, English and Turkish
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Avedis has repatriated from Syria to Armenia in 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities (University of Aleppo) and a Master’s degree in International Relations (Yerevan State University). Avedis’s work experience varies amongst conducting researches in the field of arts and social sciences, deciphering historical documents written in Ottoman language, teaching Western Armenian, Arabic, English, and Turkish languages, translating amongst those languages, content writing, and text editing. 
Currently, Avedis works as a teacher of Arabic language. He teaches Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial Syrian and Lebanese dialects for non-natives. He also teaches the English language for elementary and intermediate levels, as well as involved in an initiative project that aims at teaching and preserving the Western Armenian language of repatriated people from the classical Armenian diaspora.  
Avedis is searching for a freelance job in a newspaper where he can translate texts relevant to the international relations, politics, history, Armenian studies and likely fields.  
He is also open to work as a teacher of social sciences (history, geography) in high schools or as an instructor (English, Arabic) in language centers.