Grocery Shopping
Arevelyan Hamemunkner - Nalbandyan Metro Station, Yerevan OWNER Bedros Kirazian Aleppo,Syria
  • 093508196 , 096508196
  • Armenian and Arabic
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Imagine you can find 85% of the world’s flavors and fifty different kind of Eastern Spices with the best quality, all in one small shop located within the pathway leading into Republic Square metro station in Yerevan, Armenia. Opened by Bedros Kirazian in November 2014 (from Aleppo, Syria) this is a small one stop shop for all your individual needs. Previously Bedros was working as a molder, but as a consequence of the war in Syria, he settled down in Armenia with his family. Taking another direction in his work, Bedros decided selling Eastern spices would work best in the Armenian market, where few alternatives were available. In the future, he plans to open shop in multiple locations around Yerevan.