Yoga Center
Arev Yoga & Pilates Center - Arami 84/2, Yerevan OWNER Tamar Keushkerian, Levon Kevork Syria
  • (011) 7111 75
  • Armenian, Arabic and English
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Tamar Keushkerian and Levon Kevork are the co-founders of the Arev Yoga and Pilates center. Yoga is the harmony of both the body and mind. It helps you keep your body and mind healthy. The Arev Yoga and Pilates center creates all of the necessary conditions for you to fully submerge into the world of yoga. The center has a separate room for yoga and pilates furnished with new equipment and includes a café stocked daily with fresh food free of sugar and other artificial additives. The food is provided by the company, Ingredients. The center also has a library, a space for education by Tamar and Kevork. They are both qualified specialists who will help you achieve your best body and peace of mind. Tamar Keushkerian is from Syria and moved to Dubai after the war started. Tamar and Levon Kevork, a yoga teacher, thought of opening a yoga center in Dubai but after visiting Armenia, changed their plans and location. The center meets all international standards and will give local people a great opportunity to do yoga with its all attributes.