Adour Bosnoian - Vernissagge, Yerevan, Armenia OWNER Adour bosnoian Aleppo, Syria
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Like many other comers from Syria, Adour Bosnoian has left Syria due to conflict.  Adour and his family waited five long years, but the situation was not getting better and it was too dangerous to stay in Syria.  Therefore, for the wellbeing of his family, he made the decision to move. Keeping his motherland in mind, Adour chose to move his family to Armenia towards the end of 2015. When he arrived in Armenia, he had no other choice but to start from the bottom and work his way up. Adour currently works in silver jewelry field. He has a past experience in working in the jewelry industry for 30 years which led him to continue his talents. When Adour lived in Syria, he had owned a silver store which unfortunately was destroyed during attacks. In Armenia he started his business from presenting his works on Yerevan’s Vernissage – open air market.