Abu  Hagop Restaurant - Yervand Kochar 6, Yerevan OWNER Antranik Kilisian Aleppo, Syria
  • +374 95 28 65 85
  • Armenian, Arabic and English
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Antranik Kilislian and his family moved to Armenia from Syria in April 2014 due to the civil war’s effects. Starting with Antranik’s grandfather, the family has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years and used to run two restaurants in Syria.. Now, they have opened a restaurant using their family name - Abu-Hagob. From a young age, he and his brothers worked alongside their father in the family business. They opened a restaurant in 2005 and continued to visit every year, so their integration into Armenian society has been very smooth. As their mother Azniv says, “The only way to success is with the love of family and the nature of being united.'' .Many Syrian employees work in the restaurant, including the chef who specializes in the tastes of Syrian food. They started from nothing and have since truly developed. Still, Andranik’s mother believes the following: “There is an awakening in Armenia, and our society is getting better and better.”