Abu Hagop Sandwiches - Deryan 89/3 OWNER Hagop Kilislian Aleppo, Syria
  • 098 951 388, 095 226 585
  • Armenian, Arabic, English
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If you ask people in Aleppo where they're favorite place to get soujoukh sandwich is, most will say, Abu Hagop. Founded in 1957, Abu Hagop's success has been the result of hard work and quality food. Unlike some Armenian-owned businesses in Aleppo, this one attracts many local Syrians. Having the experience and success, when the situation in Syria worsened, there was no question Hagop Kilislian was going to keep this business going elsewhere. The choice of making the move to Armenia was an easy one. Like most, Hagop decided to go his motherland, rather than a foreign country. Having fled from Kilis almost a century ago, during the Armenian Genocide, the Kilislians returned home in April 2014. Only a month later, Abu Hagop opened its doors in Armenia. Hagop decided to close one of his two restaurants in Syria. He wishes to stay here, as long as he finds success. He also mentioned, "I have two daughters and after what has happened, I don't want them around Muslims anymore." As his family struggles through these tough times, Hagop wishes Armenians from Syria are treated with some pity.